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Learn Graffiti Letters with smoe

JOIN THE SMOECLASS in two easy steps!

  • Graffiti Basics

    Going wild with letters!
    Valid for 90 days
    • 25+ Videos
    • easy and understandable tips
    • for beginners and advanced
    • essential basics for style development
    • helpful .pdf downloads about letters
    • connected with group discussion
    • access to discord after finishing


Order the plan:



With the Graffiti Basics Plan, you get full access to the SMOECLASS. Use the Button below and become a part of the Crew! We look forward to having you!

(If you are already a participant, also use this button to enter the SMOECLASS)

OH! You’re already at step 3... so you might need some more information about the SMOECLASS. This is the class I would have loved to have joined when I was in the early years of my experience creating Graffiti letters. It combines all the essential knowledge I gained within the 22 years of dealing with letters in an interactive 4 week course. “Where can I add arrows?”, “why do some letters look crooked and some don’t?”, “Finding a graffiti name...” and “What is style anyway?” – Here you will find all my answers... Have more questions? The class is connected to a group chat, where you can upload sketches and we can learn together...

Please click the button above and join the SMOECLASS, where all downloads are waiting for you or you can read all the info below. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to ask at the end of this page.



what do we learn?

week 1

Let the time travel begin! Together we all start with zero knowledge, we will go through the 20 years of knowledge of creating and analysing letters then build a foundation to level up in the following weeks. Every week between 5-7 videos will be unlocked and we start learning together. In week one, we learn really helpful techniques to create easy letters, that go far beyond the “Bar” principle, which in my opinion, is not that helpful. We create a “graffiti toolbox” that makes it ridiculously easy to find new solutions for letters. This week is about; finding a name, creating a variation of easy letters, learning how letters work together and learning the basic foundation of all letters - no matter how complicated it gets in the following weeks. You can also upload your artworks to the Group Discussion where we all give constructive critique about your exercises. I look forward to seeing all your exercises.

week 2

In this week we learn; different blocks, background and more complicated letters with the use of extra bars, 4 different shadow techniques, how shadow interacts with background, cracking effects, slicing, section lines and internal effects. Even if the letters are not that complicated, by the end of the week you will have learned all the techniques to create a real banger.

week 3

More complicated? More complex? Ok sure! Week 3 is all about the “single connected extra bar”, in short: SCEB, and how this ‘thing’ is so damn useful to create flow. An extra element like a chip, a lid or techniques like the doubling of parts of letters brings some extra spice to the overall look of your sketch. Yes, we also have a Block Special for 3D shading in this week, which really helps make your sketches look great. Don’t forget about the arrows! We will learn about different shapes of arrow style and then end the week off with the 10 arrow challenge. Hahahaha... this is so much fun!

week 4

A rule has 2 options: you follow the rule or you do not follow the rule. We start the week working on the opposite of what we learned in the last few weeks and see the beauty of breaking the rules. Blocks going in all directions look beautiful, when it’s done on purpose. We start working with illustrative elements and do themed sketches. I will analyse a bunch of black and white sketches from my huge library, show you the ideas behind them and what hidden rules and techniques you can find in these sketches. At the end of the course we take the very first sketch you did in the beginning and sketch it again. You will be surprised how different they look and by how much you have learned. Adding arrows to a letter, adding those extra elements and going wild with the letters should no longer be a problem for you anymore...






  • Instagram - Grau Kreis

I did not think I learn THAT much in such a short time!



  • Instagram - Grau Kreis

Truly happy I joined this class. Great build up from basic to advanced. Love the active discussions with classmates and the live feedback streams was so good for learning. We got fun challenges that was trigging me to sketch more than I’ve ever done



  • Instagram - Grau Kreis

The best thing is, that we built a real community on Discord, and we still upload and discuss even months after the end of our class.


TUNE 296

  • Instagram - Grau Kreis

I have been drawing graffiti for a long time and felt I was stuck with style development. By joining Smoe’s class my eyes were opened to a completely fresh way of thinking from every aspect. The class was enthralling, each video a joy to watch. Smoe has put many hours into this class and the results really spoke for themselves.Thank you SMOE.


There are 25+ Videos waiting for you, they will all be unlocked during the 4 weeks of the course. You will also get access to the group discussion, where you will be able to upload and discuss your work with others, you can ask for feedback or just show off what you have created... So this will be a group learning experience shared with others, who have more or less experience, just like you have... It will be fun!

How long will the Video tutorials be available for me?

The SMOECLASS starts the day you join and continues for the next 4 weeks that follow, every week, 5-7 new videos get unlocked. The videos will be available to you for 60 days, so if you are not able to make all the exercises in the first 4 weeks, you will have more than twice the amount of time to finish the SMOECLASS. It’s also okay if you are not active at all and just watch the videos and read the discussions. THIS IS NOT SCHOOL!!! You choose to learn the way you feel is best for you.


NO! In former SMOECLASSES there was a mix of writers who already had over 10 years of experience and beginners who discovered the world of graffiti letters just a few weeks before the last SMOECLASS started. Everyone is welcome and everyone can learn something. The group learning experience will boost your creativity.

what materials are required to follow along the class?

All you will need are different sized black markers and fine liners, paper, pencils, an eraser and some other ordinary stationary every child has in their pencil case, like a pair of scissors or glue... The whole SMOECLASS is black and white (and some Grey Scale), so you don’t need to worry about the materials. (Some past CLASSIES even completed the entire SMOECLASS on the iPad Pro only, so this is possible too.)

WHAT happens after the SMOECLASS?

In the SMOECLASSES from 2021 and 2022, there was such a cool group of writers that we decided to stay in contact on the Discord server, so on the first day of week 5 you will gain access to the Discord server too. This way we can all stay in contact, upload our artwork from time to time, make new friends and have a good time.

When does the smoeclass start?

Whenever you want it to... You can choose a starting date up to a month in the future or even start immediately. The videos are unlocked step by step and within 4 weeks you will be filled up with insane information!



  • Instagram - Grau Kreis

Even if I did not follow along all exercises, I learned so much from the critiques in the group chat.



  • Instagram - Grau Kreis

Was different from other online classes I've taken. The interactions with SMOE and the other classies was frequent and supportive. It really feels like we are a crew.

Bildschirmfoto 2021-12-01 um 19.58_edited.jpg


  • Instagram - Grau Kreis

I learned very crucial principles from a great teacher and would highly recommend this class. Cant wait to learn more from Smoe when he teaches another course!



  • Instagram - Grau Kreis

I thought graffiti was forbidden magic, until SMOE taught me the ways of Houdini




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