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This is the DIY Graffiti Letters Set you have seen in one of my youtube videos:


My goal was to make a modular DIY Graffiti Alphabet made from sturdy plywood, so you can showcase your name in style with these 3D letters that easily connect like puzzle pieces to a sleek plywood stand. A fun project with so many possible ways to extend it. This is just the "BASIC SET ONE" that includes the letters and symbols: 

AA,B (*B/E), CC, D (*D/C), EEE (*E/3), F (*F/7), GG, HH, ii, J, KK, LL, MM, NN, OO (*O/0), PP, Q, RR, SSS (*S/5), TT, UU, V, W, X, Yy, Z, @, !, $, &, ?, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0 and a heart symbol.


"(*</>)" means you can get another "<" by using the backside of ">". But that means one ">" is gone. You can write f.e. "BABA" by using AA, B and the one E that is designed in a way that it turns into B when using the backside. But you can`t write BABA & ESESESE with only one pack, because one E is already gone and used in one of the "B" from BABA, and ESESESE is not possible anymore. if you are not sure with your name, write me a mail :-D - i can`t explain it more easy... 



This alpbabet will be delivered as 3 boards of poplar plywood.

To make this product as cheap as possible for you, it is not sanded, not colored, and will be shipped as it comes out of the Laser as a "DIY-PRODUCT".


You can buy this product also as a wrapping paper option.

If you like that idea to give this piece of art the special individual touch - please choose the option "please wrap it in warpping paper" and write the name / nickname of the person who will get the alphabet as a present in the text box. Please add additional info, or anything else i can write on the card, to make this a fun present. 



Wood is a natural material. Each alphabet will vary from the product photos and have a different grain. Wood reacts to temperature fluctuations and can warp when it comes from cold transport to your warm home. We only use straight sheet material in production, please give the artwork some time to warm up when you receive it.


All artworks are delivered unframed, no flowers or decoration of the mockup photo is included.


30,00 €Price
  • It's a laser cut DIY alphabet. dimensions are 3 boards 290 x 190 x 4mm ( 11,4 x 7,5 x 0,15in )  Wood: Poplar plywood.

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