"Flood" acrylic painting from 2013, framed.


The story behind this painting: In 2012 my wife and me decided to move away from the farm of my parents to live a life as free artists. We got a super nice small flat in the center of Warendorf with a super nice livingroom, that we wanted to use as a studio. The flat was cheap, but still a little bit too expansive for a young broke artists couple, but it was just big enough for some creativity. After painting 11 years on walls and paper, I wanted to make the step to framed artworks, canvases and exhibitions... Back then I bought nice frames on flea markets and built own canvases that fit to the frames. In this specific painting, I even used the painting, turned it around and painted my artwork on the backside, to save the money for a new board - you will be surprised, there is a nice old oil painting on the backside of my artwork...  About 15 paintings were made in the first year, and we could have continued like that, if we would not got 2 sweet children in 2012 and 2013 - the flat was still a little bit too expansive and now definetly too small. Two adults and two babies in a two rooms flat. We slept in the studio room and gave the other room to our kids... I can tell you a long story about being a broke artist - and from my point of view today, It is hard to understand, how I managed it to paint so detailed artworks under this circumstances... Back then we took part on different exhibitions, but I sold only a few small artworks - this painting always went back home... I did my last exhibition in 2015, I was totally frustrated. Really nobody in my area cared about my artworks at all - so I focused on social media for a while and it was stored in my canvas storage until I took it out again for the canvas collaboration with TEN HUNDRED, SLEW and DOKE. It was nearly forgotten, but still beautiful like on the first day. Yeah, this artwork tells a story.


The painting itself shows my inner mood back then so perfectly - I was thinking so hard, how to still paint my beloved letters, while everyone around me told me, that graffiti on canvas would not work. But I wanted to paint on canvas, I wanted these old fashioned frames... I love it. What should I do? The character describes this inner conflict so well - he does not know, wich direction he shold go, he just opened a ne blank page in his book, he has a whole world of opportunities in front of him, while staring at the graffiti letters right in front of his eyes... If there was not this grumpy head trying to put weird thoughts into his head. Will he be the guy, that painted what people told him, or will he be the guy who listens to his heart? It is so funny, that I noticed years later, that my characters can´t listen at all, even if they wanted to - because their arms are plugged in the ears. It is like me - yes I heard all the good advices, but I never listened, I always had to make my own experience.... So I painted my beloved letters on this canvas, surrounded by a big wave of water to create an interesting composition, that tells a story. What will happen next? Will the character get wet, because the wave comes towards him, or is this water stuck in time and does not move at all? ...I was really struggeling with the "truth" back then, and I was so annoyed by everyone who wanted to tell me "how it is done" - I wanted to show a big middlefinger to people who "know, what is the right way" - this is why I painted the dice in the water, that obviousely has a different order than "a regular dice". Yes! This dice may not be a regular dice, but who tells me, that I can´t be happy about the 6 anyways? The painting makes so much more sense nowadays from a further point of view, than beck then - i still have no real explanation for the "dinosaur" - maybe it is a bad snake, I don´t know, but all in all, this painting contained everything I still love today. Super reduced, flowish letters in a pop surrealistic arrangement, with some mountains characters and playing around with shadows... Flood - the flood was always there, it will always be there, it is all about the way you see the flood.... Oh - thanks a lot for reading until here. Maybe you understand this painting better now. I would love to make experience with shipping artworks like that first in Germany, but if you are from any other country, we try to find a solution - just contact us. hallo@smoenova.de


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  • 118 x 68cm ( 46,4 x 26,7 in ) including the frame,

    the painting itself is 100 x 50cm