A project by Bener and Smoenova


For about 20 years I paint on walls and have to destroy the artworks afterwards to paint a new artwork again... This is super common in graffiti scene, but as I am always searching for Ideas to somehow get the money together to create new artworks I had the idea to paint on big cotton fabric and sell parts of the wall on ebay. this might be a solution to get some financial help for my youtube activities. Or the story ends exactly here, because nobody cares, haha, but it is worth giving it a try... All auctions start at 1€.


Bildschirmfoto 2021-06-28 um

Part 1

The Dimetrodon was one of my favourite dinosaurs of the

famous action figures series from the early 90´s, because I liked the armor so much. Two hidden laser weapons and a seat on a movable arm - this was so cool. The Struthiomimus Dinosaur in the background was my very first action figure I had. 

Part 2

Pachrhinosaurus is the last action figure of this series, I saw in a shop - it was around 1993 and I was super confused, because this dinosaur has such a huge horn. Scientists nowadays agree, he did not have such a big horn - even if it would be really cool.

Bildschirmfoto 2021-06-28 um

Part 3

The Vulcano with a Monoclonius and a Treceratops at the beach. I tried to make the graffiti in the foreground look old, to fit into the scenery. This part is a great mixture of Bener´s great reflections in the water and my details... such a great part.


Part 4

Stegosaurus was entered by the Rulons. Especially the light reflections and the light that is coming through the shields of the Stegosaurus were brilliant! Even if this is mostly painted by Bener, I think this is my most favourite part.

Bildschirmfoto 2021-06-28 um


The Utahraptor by Bener is a mixture of the armor of the Tyrannosaurus Rex and the Deinonychos. This Dinosaur is a more modern version of the original Deinonychus, because it even includes the feathers that Dinosaurs probably had back then. A cool detail in my opinion.



We do not know in wich room the artworks will find their new home, but to get an idea, how it could look like, here are some mockups, how it might look like at the end. But it is not even necessary to use the full fabric of this specific part - if your wall is much smaller, maybe you can just use a smaller section of your part you are bidding on. It is up to you.

Thanks a lot!

All artworks come to you rolled and packed in a safe pipe. We ship them world wide. There is no frame included, so it is up to you, to put it on a frame and hang it to the wall. Please ask a local artist or carpenter, to help you building a frame and getting the fabric on it.

If you need any information, help or tips, please write an email to